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The commercial brewing process explained


Find out how we make our award winning beer.

Beer Tours

We are so proud of what we have achieved in such a short time but Old Coast Road Brewery has managed to be recognised by winning multiple awards for their boutique beers, so we want to share that journey with you and our tours hosted by the Master Brewer himself Andrew Harris.

We can vary our beer talk or tour to suit your
group needs. It can be held out back in the brewery itself...or in the restaurant whilst your group is eating. Typically we will run it for about half an hour starting with a quick overview of the beer making process.
A look at our equipment and tanks. A taste of some fermenting beer and then moving into beer styles and later focusing on our specific beers. Tasting's can be arranged at the end of the tour or talk.

if you would like to do a tour of our brewery then please call us on 1300 792 106 or email us your enquiry for the tour.

Costs are;

  • per person - $15.00
  • MINIMUM GROUP 15 persons